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JOOLERY:  Catholic Rosaries & One-of-a-Kind Jewelry designed and crafted at the Marvillous Studio in New York City.  Full-length rosaries vary in length from 16" to 29"  and this measurement includes the length of the crosses.  Most crosses & crucifix used are 1.5" to 2" long.  Rosaries and jewelry are threaded with Soft Flex, Soft Touch, 24Kt Soft Flex and Extreme Silver .925 wire.  I find that Sterling Silver and Gold crimps are work best with my creations. 

In my own 
private collection of rosaries crafted by other artisans, I have some spectacular rosaries that are 27" to 29" inches long with Pater and Ave beads that are 10mm to 14mm and even larger.  Prayer is a song from the heart!  My rosaries reflect not just spiritual commitment but also our heartfelt emotions, passions and whimsy.  If many people wear crosses and religious medals as pendants, earrings and fashion accessories, can Marvillous Rosaries be used as necklaces? All I can say is, if you've ever worn your heart on your sleeve, why not wear a rosary with pride?!

A few years ago, a truly gifted rosary artist, Roberta/Mary's Prayers, made some of the treasured rosaries in my private collection. Roberta's artistry inspired me to learn this craft and I salute her.  Godspeed, Roberta.

At Marvillous Studio, I work with all kinds of beads, notably vintage Swarovksi, Cherry "brand" and beads from Europe. For my rosaries, I like working with 10-12mm Paters and 6-8mm Aves.  Marvillous  rosaries are designed to be easy to carry in one's pocket or bag.  I use steel wire coated with 24-kt. gold, sterling silver or steel-coated nylon.  Eventually this site will feature more specific product information  Unfortunately, your Webmaster is also the Marvillous designer, artisan, office manager, administrative assistant, mailroom clerk, broom clerk...!  Typos sometimes afflict this website and if you catch one, please remember: patience is a virtue.  Your patience is much appreciated.

I learned how to make rosaries by reading the instructions on the backs of the boxes of pliers and tools.  The creative process is a daily work-in-progess as I learn more about the craft of jewelry making and develop my own design elements.

COMING SOON: MARVILLOUSPLANET.COM, a sister website devoted to my interest in...

◊ MARVILLOUS PANDA is dedicated to the endangered Giant Pandas who are some of the most loveable creatures on our planet.  Through the magic of the panda cams at zoos in the United States and the panda reserves in Wolong and Chengdu, China, millions of people all over the globe have been introduced to the charm - and, sadly, the plight - of these marvelous bears who are threatened with extinction. 

If the gentle pands seem to have human characteristics, perhaps it's also true that in the heart and soul of every human who has loved and lost and loved again, we each have owr own... Inner Panda!

◊ JOLLY GRAPHIX  are PowerPoint graphics and images that I've created hoping to make a point while making you laugh.

◊ CLICK/PIX! is devoted to photographs that I treasure. 

◊ GOD'S GREEN EARTH  features articles, news updates and essays about our planet, people , places and the pandas.

  Godspeed  -
Marilou S. Villacorta