Rosaries made with beads at least 50 years old, some using crystals by D. Swarovski in his legendary colors like "Capri Blue," developed by the master to capture the true blue of the waters off Capri, and "Jonquil," to date the "truest" yellow in bead land.  These rosaries are a Marvillous... labor of love!


JADED PINKETTE     Paters are pressed floral glass beads etched on both sides.  These beads were made using vintage molds, 14mm x 10mm.  These Paters bring to mind the spectacular etched beads popular in the 1920's.  Aves are jade rounds.  Cross and Medal are bronze. 

AQUA MARINE  Semper Fi!  Ave beads are milky aqua pressed rose glass beads from Japan, circa 1960.  Paters are vintage aqua lampwork beads with white swirls from Germany.  Crucifix and Miraculous Medal are gold plated. 

JONQUIL SUN   Daniel Swarovski had a passion for trying to capture the true essence of a particular color in the beads he created.  Pater beads in this pretty (ahem!) rosary are vintage D. S. Swarovski "Jonquil" beads in the 12mm size that's been discontinued.  My scan does not capture the pure yellow of Swarovski's Jonquil.  Aves are contemporary firepolished off-white Czech glass oval beads.  The medal profiles Jesus Christ. Both medal and matching cross are bronze.

ANNIVERSARY WALTZ  An ideal anniversary or gala occasion gift!  Paters are vintage lampwork beads with aqua & white flowers in the center against a deep lilac background, so deep it's almost purple.  Ave's are firepolish glass beads in a rich peach hue with gold lights, the best of stained Czech glass.  Crucifix and medal are polished bronze.  21" long, this rosary is a significant piece.  (PRIVATE COLLECTION)

BIG BLUE  Bronze cross and medal recall the graceful linear metalwork of the Art Deco period.  Paters are vintage white glass beads with a wave pattern.  Aves are also vintage: navy blue glass rounds with white swirls. Big, Blue, Beautiful... if I may say so myself!  (PRIVATE COLLECTION)